Progress isn’t always about the physical changes

I’m trying to remind myself that being fit and strong doesn’t mean being able to fit into a size 6 or to have rock hard abs. Weight loss and toning is an added bonus that comes from being healthy and using your muscles. The scale hasn’t changed (I’ve been lazy for like 2 months!) but I’m celebrating small wins today – my plank has upped from 41 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds in 2 weeks! I ran a whole kilometre at 10km/h (which is a big win for me) and I’ve done 11,000 steps in total today so I’m feeling pretty stoked about the potential that my body has. 

Positivity has an amazing power ❤️

Lil x


It’s Friday 🎉

I’ve been eating super healthy and honestly it’s exhausting! Having to continuously say “no thanks” to offers of hot chips and alcohol and endless bars of chocolate and even saying no to my own cravings for these things is a huge effort. (The fact that I’ve kept at it all week is incredible, I usually give up by the two day mark!) 

I’m proud that I’ve gotten through the first baby step and I’m feeling excited about what’s next. (Contemplating a tattoo or dying my hair?!) ❤️

Welcome to my fitness journey ❤️

I’ve been suffering with back pain, patella tendonitis, gut issues, low mood and general health problems for a long time now. My anxiety is manageable but still very present, and I’m carrying too much weight for my frame hence the back and knee issues. I’ve decided that I need to do this for me, and I’ve made this blog to keep myself on track. 

I will make notes on my progress and the challenges I find. This is where I begin.